• centralization

  • anticipate future events

  • Protection against planned attacks

  • unlimited data storage

Security equipment needs tools that allow to detect threats inside the amount of events generated daily in a company. Analyticmate provides all the information joining security intelligence and Big Data storage.

About Us

Your data is essential for managing, securing and auditing your environment. With Analyticmate you can improve your security posture, identify threats and speed incident investigations.


Analyticmate is a Big Data Software and Analytical company, whose employees are focused on the biggest and most competitive projects in this area worldwide. Analyticmate was founded with the goal of consolidating in a single repository all the data and requirements generated by IT infrastructure components. These components cover the current and real scenario found in companies, with the aim of providing a secure technological environment that allows customers to apply analytical models without much effort, advanced rules and correlations, use real time alerts and direct queries and reports, all this through a friendly graphic interface and 100% web.

Analyticmate is the leading software platform which integrates intelligence models and collects large quantities of data, offers a combination of Big Data technology and price that will enable any company, whatever the size or the location of their systems, to provide for a suitable environment in order to develop their security, the monitoring of their business indicators and regulatory compliance.

overall vision

  • +25 professionals

  • +500k$ R+D investment

  • International presence

  • leaders in big data


Stay ahead of new events with the aim of preventing and neutralizing threats that are affecting your company.

  • Consulting

    Guidance and development of business rules and analytical models with our solution as well as the capacity of developing new connectors to extract new data sources.

  • Training

    Official certifications like advanced user for Analyticmate and leader implementation, R and Python tailored courses for new analytical models. We offer the possibility of tailored training for groups.

  • integration

    Strategic Integrations and counseling in sizable implementations of our solution on owner infrastructure, as well as development of personalized features.

Always been alert with our soc

AM SOC analyzes all security incidents generated by Analyticmate in your organization. All of these incidents are safely monitored from our remote operations center. If an anomaly is detected we will inform you and implement practical measures (if necessary) from our research center, AM Labs to solve the incident.

SOC Management is based on an incident management process that enables the collection of registered anomalies, which are analyzed in detail by a dedicated team of employees.

Device Monitoring
Immediate reply
Active surveillance
Technical security support
Anti-fraud services

Our Mission
The mission of our company and platform is to confront the challenges of managing massive data flows generated daily through IT infrastructures.

Analyticmate is designed with the goal of detecting threats that systems can't detect working individually.

  • forensic examination

    Organizations can detect intrusions or any kind of unwanted activities, at this point and in the past aswell. This data is valid evidence in a judicial process.

  • errors analysis

    advanced correlation capabilities between search and event engines which allows us to analyze log errors.

  • Malware analysis

    Improve your current defenses to get a complete security solution of APT. Trough it’s access to the black lists and the interactions with the antivirus housing of APIS.

  • Cyber vigilance

    Monitoring, collecting and analysing existing information in internet with the goal to extract crucial data to protect, virtually and physically way, citizens, companies and the interests of the state.

  • Regulatory compliance

    To provide regulatory compliance reports allowing automation that task for the main standars as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, SOX, LOPD, ENS...

  • Fraud detention

    Security monitoring in all critical, intern and extern
    organizational points in a centraly way, to detect any
    intern or extern fraud.


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